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Can Do Fitness Edgewater New Jersey

Hoboken ApartmentsCan Do Fitness Edgewater has long reigned as the flagship gym at the Northern end of the Jersey Gold Coast. The gym’s  somewhat out of the way location, hidden behind the Home-wood Suites Hotel, may be considered a handicap as far as getting new members to notice the place,  none the less it is a big plus on many other fronts.

Once you do find the the gym and snake your way through the ramps and viaducts of the Peninsula, you are rewarded is with a very, very serious gym.

One thing that the out of the way location provides is space. This is possibly the only gm I’ve been to in the NYC metropolitan area where they have more space than they need! Oh yeah, there is that much space.

The front desk staff at Can Do Fitness is enthusiastic pleasant and professional and sets a very nice tone for your gym experience.

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