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East Coast Fitness North Bergen NJ- Worth a Shot

East Coast Fitness North Bergen NJ- Worth a Shot

By Chris Hinova

East Coast Fitness North Bergen NJ- Worth a ShotI drove by East Coast Fitness hundreds of times and didn’t really pay much mind to it. In fact I think it used to go by a different name, Palisade something or other, in years past. Last year however I had to go to the physical therapy center that’s adjacent to it and decided to sign up.

What caught my eye initially was their heavy bag set up with about half a dozen or so heavy banana bags. Prior to finding this little gym the only place I could have access to this kind of a set up was at CKO . The good part here is that East Coast Fitness
is not a kick boxing gym or a gym that pretends to be a kickboxing gym.



It’s actually a just regular gym with a lot of heavy bags and I liked that a lot.  The bad part is that at East Coast Fitness there isn’t a single trainer in sight who has a clue on how to teach you how to punch a heavy bag so if this is new to you go elsewhere- I suggest an actual boxing gym- take a few lessons, then come back here and train and save the money- this place is cheap!

If you’re brave enough to Zumba take Tiffany’s class, everyone who does seems to be having fun, alas, as yours truly is Zumba “challenged,” I’ll just watch thank you very much!

They gym is laid out on one floor and it is wide open, or used to be , until, for reasons unknown, they put up some ridiculous room divider screens.  There is a cardio area with all the usual machines, the treadmills the elliptical trainers, Stair Masters, stationary bikes  and they have a handful of Arc Trainers.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they also had one of my favorite pieces of equipment, a Leg Vibration Machine but alas East Coast Fitness  got rid of it not long after I joined. I really like those machines and if you know of a gym that has them please  either drop, me line or text me or give me a call at 201.562.6850

The floor plan is oriented North to South running parallel to River Road. The entrance is at the north end of the gym and obviously that’s where the front desk is. The front desk, well this is not the NYSC  or Equinox so if you expect that kind of professionalism from the front desk staff, well , just don’t.

Opposite the front desk is a separate studio. It’s a big room with rubber floors that is mostly unused. Occasionally there are clubs holding classes there at night such as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club and I even saw a Capoeira Club . Overall however this particular studio is empty and members can use it but I really never saw anyone do that. To tell the truth I never used it either,

Once you walk past the front desk you are on the gym floor. There’s a walking path along the East wall and behind that wall are the locker rooms. The men’s locker room was clean enough, not the cleanest I’ve seen by any measure but it wasn’t the Hoboken YMCA either.  Other than the men’s restroom ventilation being overwhelmed at times I had no problems at all with the locker room, though they probably should invest in new towels. The lockers were big enough.

There is babysitting available and they advertise it as being “televised.” Rest easy your kid is not televised except on the gym’s CCTV system.  I never had a problem with parking  other than people driving the wrong way on the one way exit from the parking lot.

At the far southern end of the gym is, on the left side,  the main studio, in the middle the main weight lifting area and on the right the Spin Class Studio.

The main studio has wrap around floor to ceiling mirrors, as it should, and is big enough to compete with any gym in Hudson country. There is also a speed bag set up on the south wall of the studio and there is a stand up punching bag as well. The free weights area is  accommodating and adequate though the equipment itself has seen better days. There are enough machines and benches, there is a full cage rack and a Smith machine and a squat rack but most of these are beginning  to show their age.

For a while they kept the kettle-bells under lock and key but they soon did away with that foolishness and now anyone can use them as and when they wish

East Coast Fitness North Bergen NJ- Worth a Shot

The classes are for the most part well attended; Tiffany’s Zumba class is a crowd favorite and packs enough energy to power up most of North Bergen . If you’re brave enough to Zumba take the class, everyone who does seems to be having fun,  alas, as yours truly is “Zoomba challenged” I’ll just watch thank you very much ! Albert’s Spin class is a welcome reprise from the usual shrieking practiced by other Spin instructors.

For a day pass of  $15, you can walk in and attend the classes without having to sign up for an East Coast Fitness  membership.

What really sets this gym apart is their willingness to provide workouts other than those you’d find in other gyms.  They actually have a rope set up that you can climb, if you can climb a rope, and I have to tell you that you won’t find many traditional gyms on the Gold Coast where you can roll over a truck tire, should you be so inclined, or pull a weight sled. They have a plethora of balance equipment and all sorts of Swiss and medicine balls. Recently they’ve added a Purmotion FTS ( Full Training System) which is , well click the link it’s easier to show than to explain but it does further prove the gym’s commitment to the alternative workouts side of  fitness.

So what’s the final word on this little gym? It might a bit worn out in spots but it isn’t a dump by any means , there is value here.  Should you make East Coast Fitness  your home base gym?  I guess that’s up to you,  that but if you are looking for a gym where you can break the monotony of your regular workouts and confuse the hell out of your muscles with some alternative stuff and don’t want to join a dedicated cross training gym or a dedicated kickboxing gym then perhaps give these guys a chance for a few months. Membership at East Coast fitness is cheap enough that you won’t even have to give up your “regular” gym.   And maybe once my shoulder and knee are back to full capacity I’ll meet you there, I’ll be the one getting beat up by the heavy bags.


Thank you for reading

East Coast Fitness North Bergen NJ- Worth a Shot

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