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Hoboken apartments June sales

Hoboken Apartments June sales This is the Hudson County MLS (Hudson County Multiple Listing Service) list of Hoboken apartments June sales.

Coming on the heels of may’s  record setting performance,  Hoboken apartments June sales were again tremendously strong. 73 apartments were closed in June just about neck in neck with the banner month that was May.

This month however prices were measurably higher with the average apartment changing hands at $511,400 compared to a May price of $491,000. This 4% increase is nothing to sneeze at especially considering that the average size for the apartment sold in may was about 20 ft.² higher than the average size of 1072 ft.² sold in June.

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Also higher with a number of apartments that sold at or above the offer price there were 13 such apartments in June one more than in May.

It is arguable that the numbers may have been skewed  by the top two sales actually by the top three sales, the top two being at 225 River St. the W hotel and the third-place being 1025 Maxwell Lane.

The most expensive apartments sold in Hoboken New Jersey in June 2011 were units 2604 and 2501 both at 225 River St. which as you know is the W hotel.
Located high on the 26th and 25 floor respectively  these very unique Hoboken apartments  each spans 1900 ft.²  and are listed as having  two bedroom two baths, a half bath,dining room and balcony overlooking the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline. Of course the new owners will have  access to the world-class amenities available in the W hotel.
At their selling  price of roughly $1.74 million the homes sold at  about $916 per square foot which is just slightly more than double the average price per square foot of the other apartments sold in Hoboken in the month of June.

2501 sold at  12.8% discount to the offer price of $1.99 million and 2604 sold at a 17% discount to its offer price ot just over $2 million. The homes were on the market for 144 and 115 days respectively

Hoboken Hoboken Apartments June sales



Third-place, that is the third most expensive of the Hoboken apartments June sales, is unit number 302 at 1025 Maxwell Lane. This 1600 ft.² home is a corner unit on the South East corner of the building with two bedroom two bath and a corner terrace.  Changing hands at just under $1.32 million of the home has been sold at just 2.5% discount to its asking price of $1.35 million and about 9% more than his original asking price.

Worth noting is MLS number 110005278, unit 3K at 900 – 912 Jefferson St. The reason we are mentioning this home is not its $13,000 a year tax bill but rather because this home topped the charts as the highest price paid above the asking price of all the Hoboken apartmetns June sales. The home change hands at a whopping 5.3% higher than the offer price. At $790,000 this 1651 ft.² home sold for roughly $479 per square foot representing a very healthy 7% premium to the average price per square foot paid in Hoboken in the month of June. The home as described is a three-bedroom three baths dining room living room and kitchen home and includes “and in law suite”. The in laws can also have their own parking spot is this unit comes with two of them.

The numbers for a month are listed below and below that is small table with the details for a top 10 highest price properties sold in June. If you like a copy of the spreadsheet with data on all the Hoboken apartments June sales just text me or call me at 201-562-6850 or fill out the form below.


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Average Hoboken apartments June sales price $511,400

without the top three it is $456,376

Average Hoboken apartments June sales discount to offer price 4.7%

Without the top 2 it’s 4.5%

Average Hoboken apartments June sales price/sq.ft  $447

Without the big three sales the price/ is $423

Average Hoboken apartments June sales Days on market 72


Hoboken apartmetns June sales top 10

MLS # City Address Asking Price Sold Price % Diff Approx Sq Ft Price/ Sq.FT. Price/ Sq. Ft Vs Average Tax Tax/ Sq.Ft Monthly Maint Bdrm Baths Days On Mkt Unit Original price
100015521 Hoboken 629 MADISON S $659,000 605000 -8.2% 1687 358.6 -21.1% $8,370 5 404.0 3 2 125 1A 689000
100012560 Hoboken 1500 WASH. $664,995 643683 -3.2% 1155 557.3 22.6% $10,320 9 583.0 2 2 139 1O 684995
110003047 Hoboken 725 JEFFERSON $669,000 657000 -1.8% 1312 500.8 10.2% $10,367 8 337.0 2 2 13 6 669000
110000852 Hoboken 99 PARK AVE $749,000 732500 -2.2% 1404 521.7 14.8% $9,650 7 341.0 2 2 77 2B 749000
110005278 Hoboken 900-JEFFERSON $750,000 790000 5.3% 1651 478.5 5.3% $13,015 8 370.0 3 3 8 3K 750000
100013657 Hoboken 1107 WILLOW A $799,900 730000 -8.7% 1972 370.2 -18.6% 279.0 3 3 116 2 859900
110003386 Hoboken 1500 GARDEN S $829,000 810000 -2.3% 1611 502.8 10.6% $12,000 7 874.0 2 2 27 5C 829000
100003591 Hoboken 1025 MAXWELL $1,350,888 1317200 -2.5% 1588 829.5 82.5% $16,160 10 836.0 2 2 402 302 1448888
100015073 Hoboken 225 RIVER ST $1,995,000 1740000 -12.8% 1900 915.8 101.5% $657 0 1354.0 2 2 144 2501 1995000
110000270 Hoboken 225 RIVER ST $2,095,000 1740000 -16.9% 1900 915.8 101.5% $657 0 1354.0 2 2 115 2604 2095000


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Note, All data is derived from sources believed to be reliable but there is no guarantee as to accuracy. All numbers and measurements are approximate.

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