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Hoboken Apartments Listings 1-13

As Hoboken Apartments listings 1-13we take a look at the new Hoboken Apartments listings 1-13 we see a couple of standouts.  Let’s note that the average price per square foot is $705 and that the average tax per square foot is $8. Overall this is in keeping with the current prices in Hoboken and so, unfortunately, are the taxes.

First let’s talk about MLS # 170000584  at 1500 Garden St. unit 3K. This unique loft shows amazingly well and looks good enough to grace the pages of design and architectural magazines. It is a 2 bedroom two bath unit at the hugely successful Harborside Lofts.  

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here as the unit was just listed  and it had 4 months to go. The home now only has a three month listing.


It is priced at $1,365,000 and spans 1555 square feet. The price per square foot is $878. Additional costs are taxes at $15,439 annually and monthly maintenance is $935.   To see this home at the newly reduced price Call or Text me at 917.545.3438  (article continues below) 

And yet another listing that made it’s way back to the market MLS# 170000576 at 417 Adams, Unit 1L , which is technically not a new listing but rather a listing that is back on market. It’s especially relevant to note that  This home’s previous listing expired last week and not it got relisted again with the same broker and the same agent. The previous listing price was $675,000  which is $25,100 below the previous listing. At this price the home is offered at $700 per square foot. Taxes are $6,454 per year and maintenance is $365 per moth.

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Finally, MLS# 170000636 at 818 Jefferson St unit # 3C  is a one bedroom one bath priced at $525,000. The size is not in the listing but previous listings show it at 680 square feet. The home was last listed in 2010 but I’m assuming the size hasn’t changed much since then. At $525,000 it works out to $772 per square foot. Taxes are $4,921 per year and monthly maintenance is $405.  

Hoboken Apartments listings 1-13

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