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Hoboken Tax Appeal Comps

Hoboken One Bedroom Apartments Tax Appeal Comps

If you need comps to appeal your real estate taxes , here they are. These are for one bedroom apartments sold in 2010. We are working on 2009 and on two and three bedroom as well as one family and multi-family homes if you need them right away click here and see the monthly stats or  just email us at or call  (201) 562-6850

You assessment must work out to at least 15% over the current market value of your property, in order to be have a chance at to be success in an appeal. The “upper limit” multiplier for Hoboken is 0.3407 To estimate your position on the divide the assessed value by 0.3407. For example, if your assessed value is 200,000, the result would be $587,027. Your property value must be less than $587k to have a chance to win an appeal.

Note that this is a Zoho document and if you click on “full screen” you can download a soft copy or just copy and paste it.

Best of Luck Chris

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