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Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals

Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals

In this article I’m going to try to help you make some sense of the seemingly bewildering Hoboken rental market and try to show you what you should expect to pay for a two bedroom rental in Hoboken NJ. The thing is though that hard data is, well, hard to come by so guesstimates are all we have.

When you’re buying a home you know the square footage, you know what other similar homes in the building or in town are selling for and you’ll have comps to help you decide. There is no such thing for rentals. Square footage is hardly ever mentioned the only reliable price data we have is the offer price. If the apartment rented for more or for less that the offer we usually have no way of knowing.

To make matters worse many rentals never make it to the MLS system at all but instead are rented either by owner or even by Realtors off the MLS system. The reason for this is that demand is strong and there is no need to add these homes to MLS.

So here is a thumbnail sketch of the two bedroom market in Hoboken based on the available in the hope that it helps you make an informed decision.

According to the Multiple Listing Service 178 two bedroom homes were listed and rented since January 1st of this year. So if we guesstimate and add up those  not listed on MLS then we can easily doublethat number  so let’s say a conservative 380 two bedroom homes rented.

 Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals

For the Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals  listed on MLS the median price is $2737.

There were 10 Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals  rented under $2,000, there were 11  Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals  rented between $2000 and $2,300

21 Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals  were rented  between $2300 to $2500  and the rest were above $2500.

By far the most apartments, a total of 43,  were rented in the $3,000 to $4,000 price range and at the high end 6 homes were rented form $5,000 to $6,000


The number of bathrooms also made a big difference. Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals  with just one bath rented for an average of $2342 per month while those with two bathrooms rented for almost 30%  higher for an average of $3,027

And Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals  with 3 bathrooms rented for an average of $5,221

The most expensive rental was unit 1901 at 225 River Street, the W hotel. This is a spectacular 2 bedrooms 2 ½ bath home with direct river and New York city skyline views and all the great amenities that the W Hotel has to offer.

And no surprise these homes rent very fast with the average time on market being 20 days.

The current market is exceptionally tight with just 42 two bedroom  homes shown for rent on MLS in Hoboken  ranging in price form $2100 to $10,000  per month.

To see what rentals are  available in Hoboken just click on the rentals tab above and  browse the available MLS listings. Also note that we have a lot more apartments that never quite  make it to MLS so either text me at 201.562.6850 or email me Or. Better yet, go to our  new FB page

You can browse rentals without having to leave Facebook and we can chat about your rental needs.

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 Hoboken Two Bedroom Rentals

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