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NYSC Hoboken North – Tale of Two Gyms

NYSC Hoboken North - Tale of Two Gyms

NYSC Hoboken North – Tale of Two Gyms

By Chris Hinova

I have to tell you that from 5 Am to about 4:30Pm this is my all-time favorite gym. At rush hours it’s a different story altogether.  I like everything about this gym even the building. Housed in the former Hostess Cup Cake building on 14th and Park – I’m pretty sure that’s what it was anyway – the renovated  space is absolutely beautiful.  Lovely old exposed brick is everywhere and the myriad of big beautiful windows brings in lots and lots of light.

I happen to like gyms on the second floor, just as this one is , because I can look out the window and watch people passing by  but of course they can’t see me as I make my not so appealing lifting faces or  conduct my not very graceful stretching.

This place has more 1-2-3 Strive machines than I‘ve seen in any other gym.


The front desk is top notch and the staff is very professional and friendly. The locker room, I can only speak for the men’s side of course,  is more than adequate and is cleaned regularly. There is a coat rack just outside the locker room for hanging heavier coats and there are small coin operated lockers if all you need to secure is your wallet or keys – I really wish more gyms had these.

NYSC Hoboken North – Tale of Two Gyms

The gym is laid out as a duplex. On the cavernous main floor are the treadmills and other cardio machine, the Pilates studio and the weight lifting equipment, more on both in a moment. Upstairs there’s a balcony with a stretch area and an area designated for personal trainers and behind these is the spin class studio on one side and the main studio on the other. The punching bags are also in the main studio but these  are usually  taken down for classes. If you want to use one just ask for help from one of the floor trainers and they’ll help you lift it and hook it up.

The spin classes are always well attended and if you want to take one you’d be well advised to get there early.  The same goes for the other classes in the main studio; there is a strong attendance for just about every class.

On the main floor , in the cardio section you’ll find a nice assortment of treadmill’s , elliptical trainers, stationary cycles, and a handful of Arc trainers with one or two side stepper machines strewn in . The resistance training area is truly world class with two New York Sports club Hoboken North big Cybex cable stations , and more 1-2-3 Strive machines than I‘ve seen in any other gym; one of my favorites is the “dips station” It’s like a sort of bench for doing dips and you get the added benefit of the 1-2-3 system. Sure there are benches and squat racks and a few gizmos for abs. If you’re pressed for time there are two different circuit courses one by Nautilus, that allow you to get a complete workout in just about 20 minutes.

The staff is very professionals and not at all pushy, they don’t need to be they get enough business. Aside from the regular trainers there are the “floor trainers” who roam around and lend a helping hand when needed.

So why isn’t this my favorite gym of all-time? Well because at rush hour, which starts roughly at around 4:30-ish or so this place gets mobbed! I mean mobbed! From 4:30Pm to about 7:30Pm expect to wait in line to use a treadmill. I kid you not it’s that crowded and it can get that way on Saturday morning too.

Should you make this your gym, sure if you can put up with the crowds during rush hour or put off doing your cardio until later in the evening or do your workouts early in the morning then this gym is great, if not than this can be a bit of a challenge. It’s certainly worth checking out to see if you can live with the crowds.


Hours: Mon – Thu, 5:30am – 11pm; Fri, 5:30am – 9pm; Sat, Sun, 7am – 7pm

Handicap Accessible: The entry is level with the sidewalk.

Payments accepted: American Express, Cash, Debit Card, MasterCard, Visa

Parking: On-street: free, On-street: metered

Classes/programs: Aerobics, Body sculpting, Cycling, Martial arts, Pilates, Swimming, Weight loss, Yoga

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NYSC Hoboken North – Tale of Two Gyms

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