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Set Up Your Entryways to Entice Buyers

The entryway is the welcoming smile and friendly hand shake that your home extends to visitors and of course to buyers, argues Philadelphia designer and home stager, Larina Kase.

It’s a mistake, she says, for homeowners to focus exclusively on then bigger spaces and ignore the entryways

“The entryway gets neglected because it isn’t necessary in the same way that a living room sofa is,” Kase says. “But it’s actually one of the simplest and least expensive areas to decorate to get the biggest impact.”

Here are a few quick ways to successfully address this:


“No entryway is complete without a mirror, says Jack Menashe of New York–based Menashe Design.

“Every entryway needs a spectacular mirror, especially in small spaces,” he says. “It makes them optically larger and adds depth. Plus, who doesn’t want to check themselves out before they leave the house?”





“After all, if you need a place to take off your shoes, you’ll need to sit down, right? A bench that has storage underneath the seat can do double duty. If you want a pop of color, throw on a bright pillow.”



Just as important as what to show is what not to show ” We know it’s tempting to dump your junk mail as soon as you set foot indoors. But let’s get real, stacks of mail or paperwork are an absolute downer, particularly if you’re trying to sell your home”

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