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Should Hoboken have a B&B?

Shopuld Hoboken have a B&B?
It would be cool to have a B&B in Hoboken. What do you think?

Should Hoboken have a B&B?

Hoboken Patch correspondent and general bon-vivant about town Rory Chadwick poses the question – don’t ask me why , I have no idea-  and discusses the possibility of having a Bed and Breakfast in Hoboken. Here is an excerpt,  “ In  Hoboken, the Yankee Ferry, the vintage, nostalgic ship that rests uptown on the Hudson is charging as little as $127 for a nightly stay for the night of September 25th, the W is charging $369 for the same night.   The Yankee Clipper offers an experience where one can reside in rooms fancied to resemble the early 1900’s, with fresh quilted handmade linens, of the period furniture and decor and a grand dining room that almost resembles royalty.  In addition to the Yankee Clipper, websites like and offer Hoboken homes and rooms to rent by the night for a fraction of the cost of major hotels.  Historically Bed and Breakfasts attract a mature middle aged crowd, typically tourist and business people who prefer a home-like feel rather than be a statistic in a sardine can styled hotel.  Bed and Breakfasts, as far as research can prove does not attract the rowdy types, party animals.  In fact most bed and breakfast’s mention on their applications that any type of bad behavior will result in immediate departure.”

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Should Hoboken have a B&B?

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