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Top 10 Three Bedroom Apartment Values in Hoboken NJ.

Top 10 3 Bedroom apartments in Hoboken NJ

UPDATE:    In just over a month of publishing this list 5  7  8 of the original 10 have been sold or are under contact!

I guess it’s time for  a new list.

This is a list of what I believe to be the top 10 three bedroom apartments that represent the best value in Hoboken NJ.  The list is highly subjective and is my own opinion.  Of course price per square foot was a very important criteria but there were many others. I love outdoor space, who doesn’t , so I place a little more emphasis on that. Commuting  to Manhattan is very important to most Hoboken buyers so distance to the Path or Light Rail was also a very important factor.  Many Hoboken apartments in this price range also provide some sort of parking accommodations and we gave preference to those that have it.  I payed a lot of mind  to  factoring in taxes as that can really put a crimp in the affordability of a home.  In general I did eschew the homes with  higher taxes but some may think that one or two that made list should not be on there because of the tax issue. Also we included a few homes that may in fact qualify as one family homes or townhouses rather than condominiums and coops but I felt they represent good value so they stayed in.  Also, there is one unit at the Metrostop building that we have on our list but there are actually two homes in that building that could qualify , we only included one of them for variety’s sake.
You will notice that  none of the  higher  end Hoboken apartments such as those at the W Hotel and Maxwell Lane or even Hudson Tea are on this list. That doesn’t mean that some of them don’t represent great value, on the contrary, many of them do. In the upcoming post “Top 10 best luxury three bedroom values  values in Hoboken NJ” I will list just that , a list of what I believe to be the best value in luxury homes in Hoboken NJ. For now here is my own personal list of  the top 10 three bedroom apartments in Hoboken NJ.  There is not a single apartment on this list that I would not consider buying for myself so yes, once again the list is very subjective.

As always if you’d like to see any of these homes or any other home in Hoboken please drop me a line at or just call me at (201) 562-6850.



Here are our picks of the top 10 three bedroom values in Hoboken NJ

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